Chuck DeVore,  Ron Paul

CA-Sen: Chuck DeVore Drawing Upon Ron Paul and Teaching the GOP a Lesson

California Assemblyman Chuck DeVore interviewed by John D Villarreal, Esq.

In this kind of creepy interview, Chuck DeVore panders to the Ron Paul faction of the RIGHT but doesn’t quite articulate what Federal Reserve or taxation Paulite policies with which he is in agreement. But, it was apparently good enough to get a mention over at the Ron Paul forums.

Chuck goes on to lecture the GOP as to what the party should be “because the parties are NOT receptacles of principles.”


Then, why NOT run as an independent?

Anyway, watch the rest of the video and see that Devore is running as much to stick it to the establishment GOP leadership as he is to beat Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer. I thought the point was to win the election.

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