Arnold Schwarzenegger,  Climate Change,  Sarah Palin

Climate Change, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sarah Palin

Schwarzenegger urges US to lead fight on climate

Arnold Schwarzenegger has urged the White House to emulate California in taking a lead in the fight against climate change, saying “it would be good for the whole world . . . if the US becomes the power behind the movement”.

The California governor told the Financial Times in an interview that he could sympathise with Barack Obama’s struggles in securing backing in Congress for national emissions targets. But Mr Schwarzenegger added “it would be incredible if America makes a commitment” that helps secure a global framework on climate change.

“America within 10 years could get 20 per cent of its power needs from renewables,” he said. “We have sun, wind – you can even now get oil from algae. There is a green revolution [in California] but the whole US could be leading like that.”

Mr Schwarzenegger, who flies to a UN climate change conference in Copenhagen this week, also called on cities, states and other “sub-national” governments, urging them not to wait for a binding deal before taking action to curb emissions.

“International agreements, as critical as they are, will never do enough,” he said he would tell the conference this week.

Well, Arnold has to say something since he has driven the California economy to the depths of despair and has bankrupted the state.

But, his comments about Sarah Palin , the former Governor of Alaska are classic Arnold understatement:

The California governor has become an environmental standard bearer for the Republican party, which is split on the merits of curbing emissions. Sarah Palin, John McCain’s running mate in the 2008 presidential election, has attacked cap and trade and questioned any link between man-made emissions and global warming.

“You have to ask: what was she trying to accomplish?” said Mr Schwarzenegger. “Is she really interested in this subject or is she interested in her career and in winning the [Republican] nomination [for president]? You have to take all these things with a grain of salt.”

Funny how Arnold has had to leave the country to recapture an audience for his political nonsense. Yeah, he has been a worse Governor than Jesse Ventura in Minnesota.

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