High Times: Legalizing Marijuana Headed to California 2010 Ballot?

A California budget solution?

A measure to legalize marijuana in California has enough signatures to qualify for the November 2010 ballot, advocates say.

The Tax and Regulate Initiative has far more than the nearly 434,000 signatures needed to make the statewide ballot, said Richard Lee, well-known Oakland medical marijuana entrepreneur and the initiative’s main backer. Campaign organizers say they will submit more than 650,000 signatures of registered voters next month.

“People were eager to sign,” Lee told the Chronicle. “We heard they were ripping the petitions out of people’s hands to do it.

Heh….. I bet they were……

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  • talh

    Marijuana must be under control. Sure it can be used in medical practice. But do the ordinary people know about the dosis? Nope. They smoke and smoke to get satisfaction… and their brains can be damaged. Then what nation will we grow up?

  • godope

    Marijuana is not even a drug it is grown out of the ground. to say that it is dangerous and frying peoples brains is simply outrageous.

  • Mr Buds

    California should definitely legalize medical marijuana on the 2010 November ballot elections. This would get rid of a huge black market of unscrupulous individuals with questionable product and business practices. This tax and regulate would give more money to the state and establish a quality standard for patients. All in all California should Legalize and regulate it… For more info check out .

  • MrBuds

    Medical Marijuana can alleviate a laundry list of ailments caused by diseases or the treatments people must undergo to treat these ailments (chemotherapy). When I first got my cannabis card I had severely broken my knee. I was prescribed Percocet 750mg and Viocodin 750mg on top of Oxycotin 20mg (for special occasions). After I was recommended Medical Marijuana I was able to hold more food, i was able to sleep for longer stretches of time and my intense knee pain largely subsided. Since that time I have become a large proponent of Medical Marijuana. I still dont know how I feel about the legalization of Marijuana’s recreational use. I mean many people who have so called medical conditions probably don’t have pain and suffering that warrants Medical Marijuana use but who am I to say someones pain isn’t substantial enough. It is a slippery slope and a delicate situation. For more information on Cannabis culture, laws and all things Cannabis check out especially for people who live in San Diego and Orange County

  • Carlie Ahrends

    A press release just came out that the website MarijuanaDoctors is now affiliating with PotLocator, so who knows what the future holds for improvement. Given the look of MD’s site, only good things can come from it and PotLocator has been updating it’s sites on a daily basis for the past two weeks. Nothing shows excitement like constant little tweaks. Good luck to all the sites out there, competition only makes things better!