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CA-Sen: Chuck DeVore’s BIRTHER Repositioning

chuckdevorespeaking Chuck DeVore With Obama Birther Connections Now Associates FDRs New Deal With Mussolini Fascism

California Republican Assemblyman Chuck DeVore and Candidate for California U.S. Senate

Looks like Chuck DeVore is repositioning himself away from his Obama Birther connections. You remember the FLAP.

Chuck, your Obama birther connections are bad enough.
It draws the links between Chuck’s support last year of Floyd Brown, an architect of the famous 1988 Willie Horton campaign against Michael Dukakis. Last year, Brown created a campaign to attack then Democratic Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Said Brown: “It is absolutely critical that Obama’s negatives go up with Republicans.”

Brown’s ad focused on a 2001 vote by then-Illinois state senator Obama. He opposed a bill that would have expanded the use of the death penalty if the perp was in a gang.

However, Chuck’s pals at Time magazine described the ad’s “links between Obama’s vote on that issue and the deaths of three Chicago resident’s are indirect and tenuous.”

And, I assume you do not repudiate Floyd Brown since you gave him money.

And, remember the Devore said this:

Nonetheless, asked what he thought of Brown’s ideas, DeVore didn’t take the chance to denounce “birther” rumors or the movement itself–which has been heavily active in California.

“The president is doing himself no favors by spending millions of dollars to block the release of documents surrounding his birth certificate,” said DeVore. “As long as the president keeps fighting tooth and nail to prevent the release of such things, people are going to remain skeptical.” The door was left open, said DeVore, because Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign didn’t go after Obama’s qualifications when it had the chance, and because there were no statutory requirements for verifying a candidate’s citizenship.

But, now in a profile today DeVore has apparently “repositioned himself” with the Birther issue.

Steinhauser dismissed any correlation between Tea Partiers and birthers in the state. “That issue is a distraction,” said Steinhauser, who believes Obama was born in the United States.

DeVore does, too. But in 2008, he led (and gave $1,000 to) Citizens for a Safe and Prosperous America, a political action committee. There, DeVore teamed with high-profile birther Floyd Brown to run an ad campaign against then-presidential candidates Obama and New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton that criticized their positions on taxes and immigration.

So, Chuck, a little flip-flop or do you simply have two sets of answers? Or is your past Obama birtherism becoming a political liability/embarassment?

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