Carly Fiorina

CA-Sen: Flap Endorses Carly Fiorina for United States Senate

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Carly Fiorina and Flap

With California early voting started and absentee ballots in the hands of California voters (including me), it is time to make my ballot recommendations known.

I rarely endorse in contested Republican Primary elections (yes, I am a registered Republican and have been for over thirty years) but there are times I feel the need. My political mentor former Los Angels Chief of Police and California State Senator Ed Davis always advised me that a primary endorsement buys you nothing but grief. And, he is right.

But, in some cases, it is necessary and entirely appropriate.

While it is not a shocker that I endorse Carly Fiorina and God knows I have written enough about her and the race, I want to make myself perfectly clear – Carly Fiorina is the best Republican U.S. Senate candidate and has earned my vote.