Carly Fiorina,  Chuck DeVore,  Tom Campbell

CA-Sen: Should Chuck DeVore or Carly Fiorina Drop Out of the Republican Primary Election?

Here is a static screen shot:

I think Erick Erickson over at Red State has gone insane in the membrane over this post. But, then again, I said a few weeks ago that he was NOT serious and was simply covering his ass should Tom Campbell win.

However, it appears that Tom Campbell has topped out and the latest PPIC poll released last night shows him static or fading with Carly Fiorina besting Chuck DeVore by 9 points.

So, who should drop out?

I don’t think either at this point since Fiorina is leading or tied in the polls, has a robust media campaign ongoing and has the most campaign cash. Contrast this with DeVore who has run one television ad once and who has no money for a media campaign the last three weeks. Carly simply does NOT need DeVore to drop out to beat Tom Campbell, who, by the way, has pulled all of his campaign ads off television and radio and is rumored to be out of money.

If Chuck DeVore wishes to continue an embarrassingly negative, underfunded, futile campaign, then let it fly.

It is DeVore’s future after he loses.