links for 2010-06-03

  • We hear that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has cut a robo-call for GOP Senate candidate Carly Fiorina. The question: When will it drop?

    Team Fiorina's response: "Decline to discuss campaign strategy."

    Yeah, yeah. As we've talked about before, Palin endorsed Carly a while back, much to the chagrin of OC Assemblyman Chuck DeVore. Now, a robo-call next? Will it dis Tom Campbell, like Palin did in her Facebook endorsement?
    I would not be surprised.

  • A California congresswoman is pointing the finger at white supremacist groups, who she says have inspired Arizona's new law cracking down on illegal immigrants.

    Rep. Linda Sanchez, D-Calif., told a Democratic Club on Tuesday that white supremacist groups are influencing lawmakers to adopt laws that will lead to discrimination.

    "There's a concerted effort behind promoting these kinds of laws on a state-by-state basis by people who have ties to white supremacy groups," said the lawmaker, who is of Mexican descent. "It's been documented. It's not mainstream politics."
    Linda Sanchez is a joke but alas runs in a safe Congressional District gerrymandered by the Dems

  • Elena Kagan has kept her cards so close to the vest that in the days after President Obama nominated her to the Supreme Court, some on the left worried she was too moderate to replace liberal Justice John Paul Stevens.

    But in documents obtained by CBS News, Kagan–while working as a law clerk to the late Justice Thurgood Marshall – made her positions clear on some of the nation's most contentious social issues.

    The documents, buried in Marshall's papers in the Library of Congress, show Kagan standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the liberal left, at a time when the Rehnquist Supreme Court was moving to the conservative right.
    Now, there are documents she will have to explain at her confirmation hearings

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  • Two things are troubling about the article in specific and the Campbell Senate campaign in general. The first is that campaigns typically budget from Election Day backwards precisely so they don't run out of money in the all-important week prior to Election Day. So, either the Campbell camp was irresponsible to the point of negligence, or its fund-raising efforts were so far short of projections that they under-performed their low-end budget. This cash "shortfall" is the equivalent of a blinking red light indicating a campaign on its last legs. It also highlights – yet again – Campbell's inability to compete, much less win, against Barbara Boxer in a general election.
    And, to think Chuck DeVore still thinks Chuckles will win…….
  • In an e-mail, his spokesman, Jamie Fisfis, said Campbell’s new 30-second spot, highlighting his electability against Boxer, would run statewide on cable stations and on “some” Los Angeles network stations. He did not elaborate on the buy.

    "I do have something neither of my opponents can offer," Campbell says in the spot. "The Los Angeles Times announced a poll that shows me beating Sen. Barbara Boxer by seven points. Carly Fiorina loses to Barbara Boxer by six points. Let’s not lose this historic opportunity to replace Sen. Barbara Boxer."

    Campbell does not mention that the poll also showed Fiorina beating him by about 15 points in the primary match-up.

    Campbell, a libertarian who favors gay marriage and abortion rights, has tried to convince voters that as a social moderate, he is the only Republican who can end Boxer’s tenure.
    The buy is way too small and way too late.

  • Former eBay executive Meg Whitman holds a commanding lead over Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner in the June 8 Republican gubernatorial primary. In the GOP Senate primary, former HP President P HP Carly Fiorina has pulled away from rival Tom Campbell, according to the latest Capitol Weekly/Probolsky Research tracking poll.

    Whitman, a billionaire, led Poizner 48.4 percent to 19.9 percent, while Fiorina led Campbell 36.5 percent to 22 percent. When those who are “leaning toward” either candidate are included, Whitman leads Poizner by 54.4 percent to 24 percent, while Fiorina leads Campbell by 40 percent to 24.5 percent. Republican Senate contender Chuck DeVore remained in a distant third with 12 points.
    Looks like Fiorina will win this race handily