Barney Frank,  Day By Day

Day By Day August 25, 2010 – Free Think

Day By Day by Chris Muir

Chris, what is more than mindnumbing is the American real estate market which continues to reel under the weight of Obamanomics.

Can’t the President and the Democrat controlled Congress see that the American Dream of home ownership has crashed under its own weight of largess? Can they not get out of the way so the real estate market can self-correct rather than prop up bloated real estate prices?

And, to think the Poker community thinks Representative Barney Frank is their answer to legalizing online poker? Look what Frank did to the real estate market.

The only redeeming thought is that the GOP will regain the majority in the House this November and Frank et. al. will be relegated into a minority role in the government.

It cannot happen too fast.


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