Hillary Clinton

Chicago Dentist Drafting Hillary Clinton for President in 2012

Television ad supporting Hillary Clinton for President

Is this dentist a member of the Clinton Cabal?

Chicago dentist William DeJean is a busy man these days, and it has nothing to do with teeth.

It all started when he handed over his credit card to pay for a “Hillary 2012” television ad. After the spot ran five times in New Orleans last week, his phone hasn’t stopped ringing.

“I really feel all my commercial is doing is saying what everybody else was feeling,” said DeJean, who estimates that he spent about $5,000 between production and air time. “I think that — even among the Democrats — there is a lot of buyer’s remorse as far as voting for (President Barack) Obama.”

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who lost a bid for the 2008 Democratic nomination, has said she does not intend to run again for president. But DeJean said she just needs a little encouragement, so he bought air time in his home state of Louisiana, where he lived until he was 15.

The 30-second ad claims Clinton has more experience working in and with the White House than most living presidents, and that she’s one of the most admired women in U.S. history. It ends with a catchy message: “Start now. Where there’s a Hill, there’s a way.”

Probably not.

I don’t think there is a chance that Hillary Clinton will be able to challenge the incumbent President Barack Obama.

But, should he decide not to run…..Hillary will keep her powder dry and thank this dentist for doing so.