Barbara Boxer,  Carly Fiorina

CA-Sen: Barbara Boxer’s Senate Junkets Become an Issue in Campaign

Carly Fiorina is ridiculing Senator Barbara Boxer and the numerous junkets she has taken during her eighteen year tenure as a United States Senator.

Since 2000, Barbara Boxer has had to go on 18 special-interest funded trips to such far-flung destinations as Honolulu, Hawaii; Punta Mita, Mexico; the Grand Cayman Islands and Florence, Italy – just to name a few.

Her visits to these exotic locations uniquely qualify her to recommend the Five Places to See Before You Retire. We’re guessing she’s thrilled she had the chance to see these places before the people of California send her into retirement on November 2.

After you read our travel guide, be sure to visit to make your recommendation to the Senator on where she should retire.

But, seriously, the issue is NOT that flippant.

Senate travel can be important for fact-finding but junkets are not – especially if private special interests are paying the tab. I mean what are they buying with their paid trips?


Especially noteworthy is the fact that California’s other Democrat U.s. Senator Dianne Feinstein pays her own way.

And lest one think, “Oh, every senator does this,” . . . some don’t. In 2005, the California press started to notice
the wide disparity between the travel expenses of Boxer and those
of the state’s other senator, Democrat Dianne Feinstein: “Ms. Boxer’s 14
privately funded trips averaged out to nearly $5,300 apiece. In sharp
contrast, Ms. Feinstein averaged about $292 per trip.”

Feinstein’s spokesman, Howard Gantman, gently put it that his boss “does prefer to pay her own way.”