Day By Day,  Rahm Emanuel

Day By Day September 26, 2010 – MIA

Day by Day by Chris Muir

Chris, American voters now understand how they were hoodwinked by Rahm Emanuel (now President Obama’s Chief of Staff) in the 2006 election cycle by portraying Democrats as conservatives in red-leaning Congressional Districts. Of course, said Democrats post-election, have voted for Speaker Pelosi’s Far-Left San Francisco agenda – in lockstep.

Now, voters will hold them accountable.

What is the difference between now and 2006?

No, it is not the fact that Rahm is no longer there (as the Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) to hold the Democratic Congressional candidate’s hand. Since this time, the internet has expanded and voters have more current information – like how their own Congressional Representatives have voted. YouTube, Twitter and Facebook have all contributed to the idiom: “You can run but you can’t hide.”


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