Barbara Boxer,  Carly Fiorina

CA-Sen: San Francisco Chronicle Refuses to Endorse Barbara Boxer

Pat Buchanan on MSNBC talking about Carly Firoina’s latest television ad, “Sir”.

When a left-wing rag in San Francisco refuses to endorse your candidacy, you know you are in trouble. And, this is what has happened to Senator Barbara Boxer.

Californians are left with a deeply unsatisfying choice for the U.S. Senate this year. The incumbent, Democrat Barbara Boxer, has failed to distinguish herself during her 18 years in office. There is no reason to believe that another six-year term would bring anything but more of the same uninspired representation.

But, they did not endorse Carly Fiorina either. But, why would anyone expect this far-left publication to endorse ANY Republican?

This whole exercise is more of a SLAP at Boxer and California Democrats for an OBVIOUS lack of performance.

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  • Marie

    I just WISH people would EDUCATE themselves. They sound like ignorant fools when they say stupid things like Carly is for outsourcing, cutting taxes, etc. If you were a Silicon Valley person you’d understand EVERYONE outsources, if you knew anything about life & prosperity you’d know you must cut taxes for those WHO PAY OUR PAYCHECKS! Get real people and get educated!