Kamala Harris,  Steve Cooley

CA-AG Video: Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley Goes “On Air”

Steve Cooley for Attorney General 2010 – 15 second ad from Steve Cooley on Vimeo.

Far Left San Francisco DA Kamala Harris who is the Democrat candidate for California Attorney General has been advertising on Los Angeles television for about a week. It was a matter of time, when her Republican opponent, Steve, Cooley, the Los Angeles DA went “on air.”

District Attorney Steve Cooley’s campaign for California Attorney General began its television advertising today. The campaign is spending significant funds in the state’s major media markets.

The advertising contrasts Cooley’s record of success and law enforcement support with that of his opponent, San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris. To date, Cooley has been endorsed by 47 professional law enforcement organizations and Harris has been endorsed by none.

The 30-second ad focuses on Cooley’s creation of a Public Integrity Unit and his10 year record of aggressively pursuing public corruption.

Three of the most noteworthy controversies in Kamala Harris’ career are also highlighted in the 30-second ad and a 15-second ad:

Harris’ strong opposition to the death penalty and her refusal to seek the death penalty in all cases, even the murder of San Francisco police officer Isaac Espinoza.

Harris’ mishandling of a scandal in the San Francisco Crime Lab. Harris’ office was criticized by a Judge for failing to discharge its legal responsibilities. Hundreds of cases were ultimately dismissed.

Harris’ support for San Francisco’s Sanctuary City policy under which San Francisco officials refused to turn illegal aliens who are convicted criminals over to federal immigration authorities for deportation. Some of those illegal alien criminals committed more crimes. The most notable example was the murder of Tony Bologna and his two sons by an AK-47 wielding convicted criminal and illegal immigrant.

California does not need another “soft on crime” Attorney General.

Steve Cooley deserves and will have my vote on November 2nd.

Steve Cooley for Attorney General 2010 – 30 Second Ad from Steve Cooley on Vimeo.