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CA-Sen Video Updated: U.S. Chamber of Commerce Runs Ads on Barbara Boxer Bouncing Checks

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The television ad which I have seen on NBC, Los Angeles is “on air” at least in Los Angeles County. You can view it here.I’ll embed the video when the Chamber decides to allow it.But, you remember the FLAP.

Well, shocker, Senator Barbara Boxer when she was in the House of Representatives was the 24th most egregious of the miscreants.

The PBS onlineNewshour summarizes the House Banking Scandal, also known as Rubbergate: In 1992, many House members were suspected of bouncing checks from accounts they held at the so-called House Bank  a loose operation that allowed member of Congress to cash their checks but kept shoddy records and often were quite delayed in recording deposits or withdrawals. Although the lawmakers had broken no laws and many did not even know they were bouncing checks, several took advantage of the bank system and many voters viewed the scandal as a blatant abuse of power. Of the 296 sitting representatives and 59 former members who had overdrafted their personal accounts in the preceding 39 months, the House Ethics Committee released a list of the 24 worst abusers.

Boxer was among the top 24 involved in the House bank scandal. On March 1, 1992 the Sacramento Bee quoted Boxer as admitting she didnt pay enough attention to her House bank account. More specifically, that meant 143 bad checks totaling $41,417 over a three-year period that she had written on the House bank.

Here is the video:

For 28 years, Barbara Boxer has been bad with our money. Remember when she bounced 143 checks in the Congressional bank scandal? One hundred forty three bad checks. Now she’s bankrupting the Treasury–voting to add trillions to the national debt; raising taxes; driving away jobs. Twenty eight years of wasteful spending. Twenty eight years of higher taxes. Twenty eight years of killing jobs. Tell Senator Boxer to stop killing jobs.