Carly Fiorina

Updated: CA-Sen: Carly Fiorina Hospitalized for Treatment of Infection and Barbara Boxer Reponds

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina poses for a photo with Ross Amin while visiting a a phone bank at Republican headquarters in Sacramento, Calif., Sunday, Oct. 24, 2010

From the press release:

U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina’s Chief of Staff Deborah Bowker today issued the following statement:

“Carly learned more than a year and a half ago that she, like millions of women, had breast cancer. After successfully battling cancer, she had reconstructive surgery this summer and remains cancer free today. However, this morning Carly came down with an infection associated with the reconstructive surgery and, as a result, she was admitted to the hospital to receive antibiotics to treat this infection. While this will impact her campaign schedule today, Carly is upbeat and her doctors expect her to make a quick and full recovery and be back out on the campaign trail soon. Carly is looking forward to getting back to her full campaign schedule and to defeating Barbara Boxer on November 2.”

It is my understanding that Carly will be making a quick recovery and will be on the campaign trail very soon. IV antibiotics are easily administered and any incision and drainage can be accomplished relatively easily. I would say that depending upon the spread of the infection and any associated malaise, Carly should be back within a day or so.

I did note that she was speaking over the weekend with a hoarse throat/voice and all of the run around campaigning cannot be too good for your general health.

So, my advice to Carly is to take it easy and take a few days off, if need be.


I was gone most of the day today visiting my foot doctor in Long Beach and obtaining long overdue running orthotics for my running/walking abused feet. In any case, I could not beleive when I returned that this was the ONLY response from the Barbara Boxer Campaign:

The Boxer camp quickly sounded a sympathetic note. “We wish Carly Fiorina a speedy recovery and hope she is able to return to her normal schedule soon,” said campaign manager Rose Kapolczynski. However, Boxer spokesman Scott Sakakihara said the campaign doesn’t plan to let up on its attack ads.

Damn, wouldn’t you think for at least good PR purposes that Boxer would phone Carly. Maybe voluntarily suspend those nasty attack ads that accuse Fiorina of being some wealthy maven who loves to lay off employees and nefariously send their jobs to China and India in order to fund her five corporate jets.

But, I know and California voters know that Barbara Boxer is NOT a class act.

I think she will pay the political price.

Again, best wishes to Carly and I hope she takes all of the time she needs to recuperate. Infections are no fun. Believe me I know.