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The DREAM Act is BACK – Melt The Phones to Stop the DREAM Act

Melt the Phones, Patriots

Michelle has the news of its revival – as we all knew it would. The open borders lobby is relentless.

The Washington Post pronounced it “shelved” over the weekend.

Not so fast.

Via the Hill, the open-borders lobby is claiming momentum:

When House Democrats last week passed the DREAM Act before the Senate had staged its vote, the timing was no accident.

Instead, the chronology was part of a carefully designed strategy — orchestrated, with some tension, between the two chambers — to grant the proposal its greatest shot at success. The fast-evolving process required behind-the-scenes scheduling changes; an eleventh-hour hearing; constant lobbying from supporters; and a risky-but-successful show of procedural gymnastics in the Senate — all aimed at lending momentum to the hot-button bill in hopes of enacting it by month’s end.

In short, supporters say, the process has infused life into the policy.

“It actually gives us a chance to win,” said Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice, an advocacy group lobbying for the bill.

So, melt the phones to on the fence Republicans:

Here is the list:

  • SEN. JOHN MCCAIN 202-224-2235; 480-897-6289
  • SEN. OLYMPIA SNOWE 202-224-5344; 207-874-0883
  • SEN. LISA MURKOWSKI 202-224-6665; 907-271-3735
  • SEN. SUSAN COLLINS 202-224-2523; 207-945-0417
  • SEN. SAM BROWNBACK 202-224-6521; 785-233-2503
  • SEN. KAY BAILEY HUTCHISON 202-224-5922; 214-361-3500
  • SEN. SCOTT BROWN 202-224-4543

At least four GOP Senators will have to cross over and join ALL of the Democrats to vote cloture. However, a number of Democrats have indicated they will not vote for the bill, including Jon Tester of Montana and Ben Nelson of Nebraska – both running for re-election in red states in 2012.

Hence, a good chance this bill will be filibustered to its death in this session of the Congress.

But, please call anyway. NO on the DREAM Act.


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