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Day By Day December 16, 2010 – Black on White

Day By Day by Chris Muir

Chris, it is called political payback. After all, African-Americans vote 90 per cent for the Democratic Party and now that they have one of “their own” in the White House. You know what I mean?

The same political scenario is playing out with the Hispanics/Latinos with the DREAM Act. Harry Reid is paying back the “Brown vote” for his recent re-election. So, why not grant amnesty (and eventually the ability to vote) to a racial group who will then in turn vote 80 per cent or so for your Democratic candidates?

Pretty ingenious, isn’t it?

But, it balkanizes America and besides California which is already becoming a third world country because of illegal alien immigration from Mexico, the rest of America is wise to the ploy.

Now, do they other states and voters have the political resolve to stop the game?

America, as we know it, is at stake.


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