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Pelosi, Obama Hawaiian Vacations Come to an End, But Taxpayers Left with the Bill

Escorted throughout her trip by a mini security motorcade that included Secret Service and Hawaii County Police officers, Pelosi was seen at St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Kailua-Kona, where she received Communion. Parishioners greeted her warmly, Hawaii Reporter was told. Two police SUVs were on guard outside the hotel during her week long stay.

Pelosi, who traveled to Hawaii by private plane, spent the holidays in Kona last year at the same hotel in an elaborate suite that reportedly rents for $10,000 a night.

The Four Seasons Resort Hualalai’s details its luxurious setting and amenities on its web site: “Gloriously revitalised, this natural tropical paradise offers more than ever to explore – with a newly expanded Spa, beachfront dining, fashion boutiques and new Deluxe Suites, in addition to Jack Nicklaus signature golf. Set on the Big Island’s exclusive Kona-Kohala Coast, this showpiece resort captures the essence of Hawaiian design, culture and tradition.”"

And, look at Obama’s expenses:

In a Hawaii Reporter story published last week, some of the cost estimates included:

    * Obama’s round trip flight to Hawaii via Air Force One: $1 million (GAO estimates)
    * Mrs. Obama’s early flight to Hawaii: $63,000 (White House Dossier)
    * Housing in beachfront homes for Secret Service and Seals in Kailua ($1,200 a day for 14 days): $16,800
    * Costs for White House staff staying at Moana Hotel: $134,400 ($400 per day for 24 staff) – excluding meals and other room costs
    * Local police overtime: $250,000 (2009 costs reported by Honolulu Police Department)
    * Ambulance: $10,000 (City Spokesperson)
    * TOTAL COST: $1,474,200


    * Rental of office building in Kailua on canal
    * Security upgrades and additional phone lines to private homes where Obama and friends are staying
    * Costs for car rentals and fuel for White House staff staying at Moana Hotel
    * Surveillance before the President arrives
    * Travel costs for Secret Service and White House staff traveling ahead of the President

Good grief – But typical …..One of the reasons the Democrats, including Pelosi were demoted last November.

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