Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger: I Was Addicted to Being Governator

It is all all about Arnold.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is pulling no punches in his first formal interview since leaving office, claiming that the highest office in the state left him “addicted” to its power.

In a recent sit-down the former governor granted to the Austrian newspaper Krone, Schwarzenegger estimates that his seven years as governor cost him about $200 million – $70 million of that in lost movie roles.

Schwarzenegger also laments the fact that Hollywood salaries have dropped since he left the business.

He said his abysmal popularity rankings were “just a snapshot” and that “they would have rocketed to the top” had he not been forced out of office by term limits.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was inexperienced and did not grow in the office. He should have done Californians a favor and retired after his first term.

He was a very poor leader (finger in the wind) and an even worse Republican. He drove the California GOP into the ground.

California would have been better served by Democrat Governor Gray Davis who Schwarzenegger replaced in a recall election. At least, Gray Davis would have been termed out and an open election may have brought some worthwhile and experienced GOP candidates to the forefront.

Good bye Arnold. You won’t be missed.

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