links for 2011-01-18

  • Mr. Bush would like to see "a very aggressive guest worker program that ebbs and flows with demand." He also wants to expand the H-1B visa program aggressively, allowing high-tech companies and others to recruit "highly educated, highly motivated people" from around the world.

    To deal with the problem of illegals already in the country, meanwhile, Mr. Bush likes proposals that acknowledge the rule of law but also "give them a chance to change their status. If they learn English, pay a fine, accept a waiting time and have a clean record, some system like that makes sense to get people to come out of the shadows."
    Jeb Bush will NEVER be President and thank goodness for that. His proposals on illegal immigration are the same as his brother's George W and it is a shameful amnesty that will lead to more illegal immigration.

    But, the open-borders WSJ delivers this puff piece for Jeb.