Elita Loresca,  Television

Shocker: Sexy Television News Anchors Distract Male Viewers

Elita Loresca from KNBC Los Angeles

Well, this is understandable, no?

Scholars, critics and viewers have noted that some TV newscasts can be momentarily mistaken for Victoria’s Secret specials. In an apparent attempt to capture channel-surfing male viewers, stations have hired attractive female anchors, often outfitting them in attire that emphasizes their sexuality.

This strategy may boost the ratings, but in terms of the programs’ purported purpose — informing the public — recent research suggests it has a definite down side. Males may be drawn to those alluring anchors, but they may not remember what they were talking about.

But, then again, sometimes who cares?

Yeah, I know, another cheap attempt to boost traffic by posting photos of Elita Loresca.