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Audio: Common Cause Holds Teleconference to Bash Weekend Koch Sponsored Conference – Uncloaking the Kochs?

Common Cause Teleconference regarding the “Uncloak the Kochs” Protest, January 27, 2011

The teleconference wasn’t much because the “Uncloaking Kochs” protest isn’t very much.

You remember the information on the Saul Alinsky type street protest
which will protest the Koch brothers right to free speech and assembly this weekend in the Palm Springs area of California.

So, you ask, what is the big deal?

Guess who’s holding a super secret, ill-intentioned meeting this weekend in Palm Springs, California? The nefarious Koch brothers – nefarious because they donate to conservative causes, of course.

Already, leftist groups are beginning to fulminate (against what, it’s not quite clear), insisting that there’s something inherently corrupt in the free assembly of the Koch brothers and their cohorts.

Take today’s conference call on the subject, conducted by Common Cause, featuring such liberal luminaries as former Clinton Labor secretary Robert Reich, disgraced former Obama official and Center for American Progress scholar Van Jones and his colleague Lee Fang, and DeAnn McKewan, co-president of California Nurses Association (yeah, I hadn’t heard of her either).

Reich sounded the Koch alarm: “their ongoing biannual meetings epitomize the problems that our democracy are facing right now,” he told the participants on the conference call. These meetings, he said, are a “perfect storm for democracy,” because the Koch brothers are rich and can participate in politics, “and we have secrecy – it’s all in secret.”

So, the Koch brothers hold private assemblies, participate in politics, and are, therefore, a threat to our democracy. Got it?

OK, I get it. The Koch brothers have a lot of money, donate to conservative causes, think tanks and candidates (all within the law) and the FAR LEFT and BIG LABOR don’t like it.

Listen to the entire audio above and smile as to how stupid and ridiculous the LEFT can be. They REALLY are.

This weekend conference is NO different than countless others that are held every weekend and with folks who meet to represent their industry or political ideology within the American political process. I have been to plenty through my career for organized dentistry, for example.

If you even listen hard enough to the audio above, you will hear two of the speakers try to answer the question as to why this conference is any different than any other?

The answer: The Kochs have more money.


It is not any different, yet organized Labor will send its minions into the streets with idiotic signs to make asses out of themselves, protesting people in suits, listening to speakers talking about limited government. Real dangerous stuff here.


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