Meg Whitman

Meg Whitman Spends Millions on Losing Campaign for California Governor – Where Did the Money Go?

Gloria Allred presents Nicky Diaz, the illegal alien maid who sunk the Meg Whitman for California Governor campaign

You know, it is Meg Whitman’s money, she earned it and can spend it as she likes. Today, California Watch has a piece on where all of the campaign cash went and the sweet paydays a whole bunch of political folks received.

The candidate was poised, motivated and smart as a whip. She had an impressive resume, influential supporters and unlimited resources.

In the end, none of it mattered. Meg Whitman’s Republican campaign for governor stalled over such issues as her alleged involvement in insider Wall Street stock deals and her alleged failure to pay her illegal-immigrant housekeeper.

It must have been frustrating indeed for the political professionals who ran the campaign. Whitman for Governor began with great promise, but it ended with a GOP official glumly declaring, “The Republican brand in this state is death.”

On the other hand, payday was sweet.

The final campaign finance report filed by the former eBay CEO and novice politician itemized $177 million of payments from the most expensive campaign in California history. However ineffective Whitman proved in making her case against Democrat Jerry Brown, her campaign spread the wealth – including $144 million of Whitman’s own fortune – to about 700 vendors, consultants and aides, records show.

Read it all here and see where all of the money went – if you care.

What I could never understand was why with all of that wealth, Meg Whitman and her physician husband could not or would not help Nicky Diaz with an immigration attorney?

Guess other California voters wondered the same thing and voted for Jerry Brown.