Mitch Daniels,  President 2012

President 2012: Mitch Daniels – I Would Have the Cash and Support to Win

Indiana Republican Governor Mitch Daniels talking about a limited, yet vigorous goverment at a Republican Governor’s Association Conference Panel

Mitch Daniels on the eve of his CPAC speech tomorrow is sounding fairly confident that he can win the GOP Presidential nomination.

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels boasts that he would turn heads with his fundraising firepower and roster of big- name GOP supporters if he jumps into the 2012 presidential race.

“If I were to decide to do this, we would have an unbelievable letterhead,” Daniels predicted in a POLITICO interview Wednesday, lighting up as the hour-long conversation turned to why he could win.

“I don’t know if we’d raise the most, but for whatever reason there are an awful lot of people standing by who I think know how to do this a lot better than I do,” he said, noting that he’s being pushed to run by an array of business types and political figures.

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Mitch Daniels exudes confidence and competence. He has been a successful, conservative Governor of Indiana who remains very popular in his state. He is both the anti-Palin and anti-Romney.

But, if Daniels is considering a run, he has to start moving and organizing his supporters.

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  • Father

    2012…. Daniels Pres, Christie Vice, Palin Press Sec (Pence Gov of IN). 2016… Daniels Pres, Christie Vice, Palin Sec of State, (Pence Gov of IN). 2020… Christie/Pence/Palin Pres….. ect. We have many great minds that can bring the USA back to the leader of the world. The days of the MSM are over. Defund EPA, D of E, and cut entitlements. We have the people that will do it for our children, back them and stand behind them.

    Daniels’ CPAP speach didn’t mean try to bring the Ultra Left Liberals to our side (never happen), I hope he was saying that we need to reach out to the middle that, just as Reagan reached the moderate Dems, we need to reach the middle and we can worry about the social issues after we solve the immediate problem which is our debt.

    We can do this, or we can learn to speak Chinese.