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President 2012 Poll Watch: Obama 47% Vs Huckabee 44% – Within the Margin of Error

From Pollster: Mike Huckabee Favorable Rating

Mike Huckabee continues to do the best against President Obama in the latest PPP Poll (Pdf).

Obama has slipped a little in the last month, but still leads all of his potential opponents by at least three points. He tops Mike Huckabee, 47-44; Mitt Romney, 46-41; Newt Gingrich, 49-40; and Sarah Palin, 52-40. He also beats two offbeat dark horses: Ron Paul, 48-39, and Donald Trump, 48-34. The generic moderate Republican would win independents, 47-40, and the generic Republican nominee would essentially tie, 44-45, but the named candidates trail with these voters by between five and 24 points.

The summary:

  • 47% Obama Vs. 44% Huckabee
  • 52% Obama Vs. 40% Palin
  • 49% Obama Vs. 40% Gingrich
  • 46% Obama Vs. 41% Romney
  • 48% Obama Vs. 41% Romney
  • 48% Obama Vs. 39% Paul
  • 48% Obama Vs. 34% Trump

So, what does this mean?

President Obama is vulnerable to a likeable, trustworthy candidate in Mike Huckabee (look at his favorability chart above) and the GOP is in trouble if they nominate anyone listed in the poll – a sort of no brainer.

But, is Huckabee likely to run?