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President 2012: I’ll Get Serious About a Sarah Palin Presidential Run?

July 2010 commissioned statewide poll

Well, I am not getting serious about a Sarah Palin run at all.


She has simply NOT polled very well against President Obama in early GOP primary states. I have written about a number of the polls where she has underperformed the past few months and specifically here.

Sarah Palin has not traveled to Iowa to ask voters for support because she is not running for President in 2012.

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  • BKS

    There is little else in the news about Palin, other then getting into a race for POTUS. And if there is one thing that the grifter can’t live without, it’s getting attention in the media and making big gobs of money. So she has to keep up the charade about running; otherwise she would just fade away… (Oh, happy day!!) Her low poll numbers are a joy to behold… LOL I’m loving watching her turn to toast!

    But she no more wants to hold public office, then does say, Paris Hilton. Tho, I believe that Paris is smarter and would be better at holding an office then sorry Sarah would.. 🙂 Thats why she quit her gov job. Soooo, the shill can’t say that she isn’t going to run. Lying to everyone as usual, huh?

    Wonder what she’ll do for attention after 2012? I’m hoping for a stint in jail for the many laws she’s broken…