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California Census 2010: Hispanics RULE

Well, not really but you get the idea – they have surged in population growth in California.

Latino children for the first time made up a majority of California’s under-18 population in 2010, as Hispanics grew to 37.6% of residents in the nation’s most populous state.

A new U.S. Census report showed the state’s non-Hispanic white population fell 5.4% over the past decade, a continuing trend offset by a 27.8% surge in Hispanics and 30.9% increase in non-Hispanic Asians.

Though in decline, white Californians remained the state’s largest demographic group at 40.1%. But demographers said Hispanics were poised to take the lead.

Underlying the demographic shifts, California grew at its slowest pace in the past decade in more than a century. The population rose 10% to 37.3 million, an increase in line with the national average.

As in California, Hispanics are gaining ground in many other states, such as North Carolina, as whites are on the verge of becoming a minority among all newborn children in the U.S.

What does this mean for California politics when these Hispanic children mature and start to vote? Just as it is now for the very Blue Democratic California – TOUGH.

Since past electoral history has shown a propensity for Hispanics and Latinos to vote anywhere from 60-75% for Democratic Party candidates, the GOP will be at a demographic disadvantage. There are, of course, districts both Congressional and Legislative where their population numbers will not have as great an impact. And, with redistricting by an impartial commission, the GOP will have a chance there.

So, what happened and why did this growth of Hispanics occur?

Easy- the illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America of the 1980’s to present had children born in the United States as middle-class whites either died or migrated out of the state to Nevada, Arizona or other states like Colorado.

Mr. Frey said the decline of whites and blacks in the decade, as well as the slowdown of Hispanic growth, is partly attributable to more middle-class families leaving pricey California for more affordable places elsewhere. (…)

“I think it’s a middle-class flight,” Mr. Frey said. “California is still very pricey, so to the extent people can get affordable housing they leave.”

But, California is now a no-growth Democratic state which by the way heavily regulates business.

Good luck with solving that California state budget shortfall.

And, the Republicans? They will be a dwindling minority party like in New York, Massachusetts and Maryland.


  • Richard Brodie

    Hispanics are understandably happy about the census results, since it will mean that their interests will be better represented in Congress. Presumably they would be unhappy if their percentages had fallen, and there is nothing wrong with that. So I presume it is equally understandable that all other races would react with similar emotions to a rise, or a fall, in their own percentages. In particular it is only natural that members of any race would feel threatened if a fall in their percentages portended that their interests would be more poorly represented in Congress.

    I believe the government has anticipated this reaction, and a desire to minimize it is what explains why all non-Hispanic percentages have been misleadingly inflated in the census data. If you go to the census website, and to Texas in particular, You will see that Whites are reported as being 70.4% and Blacks as 11.8%. But what is not made clear is that these are percentages of the non-Latino residual, not of the entire population of the state.

    I am in the process of putting up a website,, which not only corrects these figures, but which graphically displays all the corrected data in what I hope people will find to be quite an interesting way. The true figure for Whites in Texas is not 70.4% but rather a mere 43.9%, and for Blacks it is only 7.4% not 11.8%.

    Blacks are represented, on an outline map of the state, as the outermost band, all the way down to the central area representing Whites. Such an ordering was chosen to be symbolic of how the exploding Hispanic component has the dual effect of pushing out Blacks and squeezing out Whites.

    While this is definitely a wake-up call for Whites, it is Blacks, being a relatively small component to begin with, who have the most to fear in terms of losing representation for their interests in Congress. For if predictions come true that the current trends will continue, African Americans can look forward, during the 21st century, to watching themselves become an insignificant mini-minority in a country where Hispanics will be a massive super-majority.

    Every Americanan ought to take a look at:

  • Angel546

    great mexicans are going to turn america into another shit hole 3rd world country like mexico, i only hope to god that america relieses this and sends them back to mexico.

  • David

    The problem in California, as one who used to live there, is not hispanic or white.  Rather, the problem is the belief that socialism can solve problems.  However, as Margaret Thatcher once said, “the problem with socialism is that sooner or latter you run out of other people’s money to spend.”