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President 2012 New Jersey GOP Poll Watch: Romney 13% Christie 12% Palin 11% Huckabee 6%

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Here are the results:

Undoubtedly, should Governor Chris Christie decide to run for the Presidency, he would poll much higher. But, while Mitt Romney does a little better than Christie he is not very far ahead of Sarah Palin.

Here is a more expanded breakdown of the results:

A very blue Democratic State, New jersey does not figure to be in play for the GOP versus President Obama.

Looking toward the 2012 presidential election, nearly half the state’s registered voters (48 percent) say President Barack Obama deserves re-election, while 39 percent disagree.

Republicans are split on an opponent, with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney at 12 percent, Christie at 11 percent, and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin receiving 10 percent support.

Forty-two percent did not name a candidate

The sample of this poll is very small and its relevance is questionable. But it illustrates there is no GOP front runner.