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Flap’s Links and Comments for April 30th on 18:43

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These are my links for April 30th from 18:43 to 18:55:

  • Gov. Jerry Brown undergoes surgery to remove cancerous growth on his nose – Gov. Jerry Brown had a cancerous growth removed from the right side of his nose in an outpatient procedure Friday in Oakland, according to a statement released Saturday by the governor’s office.

    After the procedure to remove basal carcinoma cells and some reconstructive surgery, Brown was released to return home. Basal cell carcinoma is one of the most common forms of skin cancer, can be caused by sun exposure and is very treatable.

    Brown’s office said the procedure was conducted under a local anesthetic at a doctor's office in Oakland. The procedure is called Mohs surgery, in which physicians remove microscopic layers of skin and examine them under a microscope to see if there are cancerous cells. If they are present, additional layers are removed and viewed until there is no more evidence of cancer.

    While Brown continues to work on gubernatorial duties, the statement said, he will not appear in public until his stitches are removed. An aide said stitches would be removed starting Friday.

    That decision forced the cancellation of Brown’s planned Sunday speech to the state Democratic Party convention in Sacramento. Democratic Party officials said the program would otherwise continue as planned.


    Wishing the best for Governor Brown. Cancer is not fun…..

  • The White House Correspondents’ Dinner weekend, via Twitter #whcd #nerdprom – Before the White House Correspondents' Dinner even began, Twitter was buzzing with the "#whcd" and "#nerdprom" hashtags — the self-mocking nickname Washington's twitterati use for the dinner, which is the big night on the capital's social scene.

    With all the press real estate mogul Donald Trump has been getting lately, a fair share of tweets were about him. Trump is a guest at The Washington Post's table.

    Roll Call associate editor Paul Singer, an investigative journalist, wondered if the journalists in attendance could keep work and play separate.

    "Can you party w/a politician Sat nite; investigate his $$ on Mon? #nerdprom #HowGovtWorks," Singer also tweeted Friday.

    Mother Jones Washington Bureau chief David Corn wondered if Trump could make a headline grabbing gaffes before the dinner.

    "Which reminds me: with 28 hours to go before #nerdprom, #Trump can still do even more to embarrass his WaPo hosts. Any predictions, mf'ers?," Corn tweeted.

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Day By Day April 30, 2011 – Par for the Course

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Day By Day by Chris Muir

Chris, what I want to see is how President Obama handles Afghanistan. He is committed to withdrawing troops there in two months (July) and David Petraeus, the Afghanistan commander, is coming back to the United States to head up the CIA.

I doubt Libya will be resolved by then and then there is conflict in Syria.

The economy is in a shambles and Obama’s foreign policy is a disorganized mess. When will Obama be held accountable for his failed Presidency?

Hopefully, November 2012.


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Flap’s Links and Comments for April 30th on 07:36

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These are my links for April 30th from 07:36 to 08:01: