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Tea Party Maintains Strength During Federal Budget Debate?

Well, sort of, according to this analysis by Karl Rove.

But, there is another graph from Pew, after the budget agreement between President Obama and Speaker Boehner.

The fact is the American people are fed up and want their politicians to work out a deal without the threat of shutting down the government. Americans know it is political theater.

The public has an overwhelmingly negative reaction to the budget negotiations that narrowly avoided a government shutdown. A weekend survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press and the Washington Post finds that “ridiculous” is the word used most frequently to describe the budget negotiations, followed by “disgusting,” “frustrating,” “messy,” “disappointing” and “stupid.”

Overall, 69% of respondents use negative terms to describe the budget talks, while just 3% use positive words; 16% use neutral words to characterize their impressions of the negotiations. Large majorities of independents (74%), Democrats (69%) and Republicans (65%) offer negative terms to describe the negotiations.

So, the LEFT is blaming the Tea Party and the RIGHT is blaming President Obama.

And, the American people are saying a POX on both of their houses – a lose – lose.

The House just passed the compromise budget deal 260-167 and so it is on to the Senate where passage is likely. 

Now, next on the agenda are the federal debt ceiling and this year’s 2011-2012 budget.