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President 2012 Video: Mitch Daniels on Osama Bin Laden

Guess I was right about Jennifer Rubin’s comments about Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels. He has an opinion, maybe his staff just didn’t wish to share them with an unfriendly journalist with the Washington Post.

Here are Daniel’s comments from this morning’s Fox and Friends.

STEVE DOOCY: This is a big story in Indiana? People really care about finally getting this guy?

DANIELS: Sure. People care about the security of this country every day, but absolutely on an occasion like this.

Again, let’s hope it’s not too temporary — the unity, the spontaneous unity we saw — always great.

And we need it for other purposes in this country.

And, what purposes might those be, governor?

More on this later, as it is apparent that Daniels has the Presidency on his mind.