President 2012,  Sarah Palin

President 2012: Sarah Palin’s Perfect Storm

According to an Alaska political pundit – a run for the Presidency is Sarah Palin’s Perfect Storm.

She doesn’t want to be president, she just wants to run. She doesn’t want the responsibility of leading the free world, she just wants to ramp her celebrity back up a notch. She doesn’t want to put herself in the firing line of the critics again, she just wants to boost her earning potential for her politico-celebrity life after the campaign.

Believe me, being president is the last thing she wants.

So that’s the perfect storm right there… if she can run a campaign that gives the boys a good thrashing in the primary (and let’s face it, she’s done that before), then go raise gobs of money and run a huge general campaign, becoming in the process literally the most famous woman walking the face of the earth, yet not actually run the realistic risk of winning the presidency… what’s not to like about that?

In essence, what this is about is how she continues to occupy the hallowed and very lucrative ground between politics and celebritydom. It’s an area she has occupied all to herself, at least until just recently when Donald Trump intruded on her, but the Donald quickly discovered how knife-edge and inherently unstable a place it is. Become a celebrity and you lose your political bonafides, get elected to political office and your celebrity (and money-earning potential) gets majorly crimped. The key is to run for office but make sure you lose every time!

So mark my words, Press peeps. It’s going to happen, and probably soon. By the end of June, I reckon, she will announce her intention to run for President of the United States. What will be left unsaid is that she will have absolutely no intention of winning.

With Huckabee and Trump out AND Michele Bachmann pledging to run will Sarah be able to stand it?

Although I have said Sarah will NOT run, and her polling numbers against President Obama are horrible, I think she may be reconsidering.

Stay tuned…….