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Flap’s Links and Comments for May 19th on 14:49

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These are my links for May 19th from 14:49 to 18:54:

  • On Medicare: Newt’s Right? – In the 1980s, the pre-Blair leftist Labor Party issued its campaign manifesto to oppose Thatcher's Conservatives in the coming national election. Its loony, leftist proposals were so extreme that the Tory media promptly dubbed it "the longest suicide note in history." The Republican proposal to shift Medicare from the current system to a voucher-based program of private insurance – in TEN years – falls into the same category. Don't blame Newt Gingrich for saying so. In fact, we have to hope that Romney, Bachmann, Daniels and the other candidates join him in distancing himself from the plan if we have a hope of electing any of them president! Worse, the Ryan budget continues the $500 billion in Medicare cuts which formed the basis of the Republican critique of Pelosi and Obama in the 2010 election. It keeps the money in the Medicare system rather than spending it on other entitlements as Obama did, but that is scant compensation for someone seeking care now to stay alive! (When I first endorsed Ryan's plan in a column and video, I was under the impression – as he had told me – that he would eliminate the $500 billion cut. I must have misunderstood him because his plan keeps that very cut on which we based our entire 2012 campaign. When I found that out, I switched to opposing his plan). Gingrich was entirely correct in denouncing this part of the Ryan Budget. The rest of the document is fine. But Obama has, as we predicted he would, focused all his fire on the Medicare portion and that is what the campaign of 2012 will be about – unless the GOP candidate for president disavows the plan. And the height of lunacy is that the Medicare voucher-based conversion is slated to take effect in a decade! Who can predict how medicine will evolve next week let along a decade hence? To hold the Republican Party's political fortunes hostage to a program that might or might not take effect in a decade is pure insanity. So Gingrich called it what it is – "right wing social engineering." Granted, Paul Ryan has the best of intentions. He wants to keep the Medicare system solvent in the face of escalating costs, but even he concedes that changing Medicare is not necessary over the next nine years to reduce the budget deficit. It is only in 2021, when those who are now 55 turn to Medicare that he would effect his changes. The House should drop the Medicare part of the program, repeal the $500 billion cut that the Republicans vilified in the campaign, and go ahead and implement the rest of the Ryan budget. Newt has acted responsibly and in the best interests of the Party by describing accurately what the stakes are. Don't blame him. Honor him for saying and doing the right thing.


    I think it was the way Newt said it and now he is backing away.

    The medicare cuts will be a disaster and the GOP Presidential nominee should reject them.

  • Did Daniels Previously Support the Individual Mandate? – By Katrina Trinko – The Primary Event – National Review Online – Did Mitch Daniels Previously Support the Individual Mandate?
Craig Huey

CA-36: Debra Bowen Concedes to Craig Huey in Special Election Congressional Race

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Conservative businessman Craig Huey

Democrat California Secretary of State Debra Bowen conceded this afternoon to my long time conservative friend Craig Huey.
California Secretary of State Debra Bowen conceded Thursday in the special election race for a vacant Southern California congressional seat, handing a surprising second-place finish to little-known Republican Craig Huey.

Huey, a wealthy advertising executive who spent $500,000 out of his own pocket, will face Democratic Los Angeles Councilwoman Janice Hahn in a July 12 runoff.

Maybe Craig was little known in Sacramento or D.C. but he has been a strong conservative voice for decades in Los Angeles County, having grown up in El Segundo. He resides in Rolling Hills and his marketing/advertising business is in Torrance.

An early adopter of conservative social media, Craig used it to power himself into a second place finish against a long-term POL in Debra Bowen.

Bowen, also a Democrat, finished about 200 votes behind Huey in Tuesday’s primary but was waiting on around 10,000 absentee and provisional ballots that had yet to be counted. On Thursday afternoon, as election officials sorted through the remaining votes, Huey’s lead grew to 750 ballots.

“Since Tuesday’s election, my staff, legal advisers and election experts participated in the ballot review process to ensure a full and fair vote count was conducted. It is clear now that I will not be in the runoff and I congratulate Janice Hahn and Craig Huey,” Bowen said in a statement. A recount would have put Bowen, the state’s top election official, in an awkward predicament.

Here are the election results as of late this afternoon:

So, on to the general election on July 12th!

As I said before, this Congressional District will be redrawen in June of this year by the California Redistricting Commission because of the census. So, win or lose in July, Huey will be a force in South Bay politics for a long time to come.

Interesting and something that Huey WILL exploit is that Debra Bowen did NOT endorse fellow Democrat LA Councilwoman Janice Hahn in the July run-off election.

Bowen did not endorse Hahn in her Thursday evening concession, citing a “strict policy of not endorsing candidates to avoid even a perception of conflict.”

“Voters in the Congressional District 36 have a very important decision to make on July 12, and I encourage citizens to have their voices heard by voting in the runoff,” she said.

And the game is on.

But Huey will face an uphill task in a Democratic-leaning district that heavily favored Barack Obama in the last presidential election.

Democrats already appeared confident. Just minutes after Bowen’s concession, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said in a statement that House Democrats “look forward to welcoming Councilwoman Hahn to Congress.”

“California’s 36th District is staunchly Democratic. President Obama, Governor Brown, Senators Boxer and Feinstein, and Congresswoman Harman each carried this district by significant margins,” Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel said in a statement. “We are confident that Janice Hahn will succeed Congresswoman Harman and in Janice California’s 36th District will have an outstanding advocate in Congress.”

Craig will have have the support of the national conservative movement and the entire Republican Congressional Delegation. Moreover, he will be able to conjur up California and the National Tea Party organizations.

Watch for a brutal and hard fought campaign.

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Flap’s Links and Comments for May 19th on 14:11

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These are my links for May 19th from 14:11 to 14:16:

  • Did Mitch Daniels Previously Support the Individual Mandate? – The Huffington Post’s Sam Stein highlighted today a passage from a 2003 news story which indicated that Mitch Daniels supported an individual health care mandate at the time. From the South Bend Tribune:

    The candidate [Mitch Daniels] said he favors a universal health care system that would move away from employee-based health policies and make it mandatory for all Americans to have health insurance.

    Daniels envisioned one scenario in which residents could certify their coverage when paying income taxes and receive a tax exemption that would cover the cost.

    “We really have to have universal coverage,” Daniels said.

    Under his plan, Daniels said, the nation could get away from the inefficient and unfair way in which health care is provided to those who are uninsured, many of whom end up in emergency rooms or “at clinics like this one.”

    Jane Jankowski, a spokeswoman for Daniels, said that the governor does not support an individual mandate.

     “Governor Daniels favors giving every American a tax credit individually so they can purchase insurance that is right for them,” Jankowski told National Review Online. “He believes nearly all would use it, so coverage would be nearly universal. He does not support a mandate.”

    Jankowski added that opposition to an individual mandate “has always has been the governor’s position.”


    Read it all….

    I believe the answer is no…

  • Mitch Daniels’ Office On Health Care Reform: The Governor Is ‘Against The Mandate’ – Indiana Governor Mitch Daniel's office is downplaying, if not fully disregarding, a 2003 story that claims he favored requiring all Americans to purchase health service as a means of achieving universal coverage.

    "Governor Daniels is against a mandate," his spokesperson, Jane Jankowski, emailed the Huffington Post on Thursday afternoon."He favors giving every American a tax credit individually so they can purchase insurance that is right for them. He believes nearly all would use it, so coverage would be nearly universal."

    Jankowski's comments come hours after the Huffington Post highlighted a clip from Daniels' 2004 gubernatorial run that stated he supported the same type of compulsory insurance that Republicans have deemed an unconstitutional component of President Obama's health care law.

    The video provides yet another clear indication that a principle once popular in conservative circles — the individual mandate — has now become poisonous.

    Daniels has pursued other, less noteworthy policies similar to Obama's approach to health care law, including a tax on cigarettes as a means of generating revenue for health care coverage elsewhere and the expansion of Medicaid to individuals well above the poverty level.

    As for the broader components of reform, Jankowski sent over an excerpt from an interview Daniels gave to radio talk show host Michael Smerconish on Thursday:


    Read it all

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Flap’s Links and Comments for May 19th on 10:50

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These are my links for May 19th from 10:50 to 12:53:

  • Mitch Daniels: Israeli-Palestinian conflict not central in Arab Spring – Mitch Daniels made a rare foray into foreign policy Thursday, arguing that the current climate in the Arab world has "little or nothing to do" with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    Daniels, who is close to deciding on a White House campaign and recently said he's "probably not" ready to debate President Barack Obama on foreign policy, made the comments on Michael Smerconish's radio show, the same day that Obama gave a major address on Middle East policy.

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    Asked what approach he'd bring to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Daniels said: “I think that the — this may sound funny — but, the Arab-Israeli dispute, which has gone on for generations now and may go on for future generations, is not nearly so central to the events in that part of the world as sometime we treat is as.

    "I’m not saying it’s not worth continuing to work on," the Indiana governor added, "but what is going on in the Arab world these days has little or nothing to do with Israel or Palestine, it has to do with tyrannical regimes which have really stifled prospects for their people who are now restless for a better life. I think that should be encouraged. I think that tyrants who suppressing this human urge to greater freedom and prosperity ought to be sanctioned at a minimum. … I don’t think right now it pays very much of a dividend to try to cut the Gordian Knot of Israel and Palestine."

  • President 2012: Revving His Engines? Mitch Daniels Jump-Starts His Fundraising – While he has been publicly noncommittal about running for president next year, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels has quietly reignited his fundraising machine.

    Beginning late last year, the two-term Republican flipped the switch on a long-dormant political committee, Aiming Higher, that is qualified to accept donations in unlimited amounts. Since late last year, he has raked in more than $675,000 in contributions from individuals and organizations across the country, including $250,000 from the American Federation for Children, a group that promotes school vouchers. Meanwhile, Daniels's better-known political fundraising arm, the Aiming Higher PAC, raised $2.2 million last year, when the term-limited Daniels was not on the ballot.


    Read it all…..

    Daniels is gearing up

  • The Colbert Super-PAC – Colbert is right on target with his satire.  Free speech is such a headache when everyone gets to participate!  Especially evil corporations, which spend huge amounts of money to manipulate politics for their own interests… in sharp contrast to noble left-wing organizations, which spend huge amounts of money to manipulate politics for the good of all mankind. 

    What chance does an innocent mind have against that ocean of corporate political cash?  How can we tolerate such distractions from the vital messages conveyed by important left-wing campaigns filled with millionaire celebrities?  The messages built directly into the popular entertainment that spills from millions of theater screens, television sets, magazine pages, and music downloads are not enough to raise public awareness to the level of true enlightenment. 

    We should absolutely have draconian laws to prohibit corporations from influencing public opinion.  Except for media corporations.  They should be the only corporations allowed to have any influence, and theirs should be unlimited.  Why not?  They don’t have agendas or anything. 

    Well, most of them don’t.  There are just too darned many media corporations influencing opinion these days.  You’ve got sinister operations like Fox, and then you’ve got virtuous White House-approved truth tellers, like Comedy Central and al-Jazeera.  Fox routinely crushes its competition in the ratings, so its influence is obviously an unfair and dangerous exercise of evil corporate power.  Look at how many helpless viewers wander into their clutches, night after night, to be exposed to all those dangerous ideas!


    Read it all….