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President 2012 California GOP Poll Watch: Romney 25% Giuliani 17% Palin 10% Paul 7%

According to the latest Field Poll.

California Republicans favor presidential candidate Mitt Romney by a comfortable margin over other Republicans, a Field Poll released today shows.

When stacked up against 11 other announced or potential Republican candidates, Romney is the first choice of an eye-catching 25 percent of GOP voters in the state. If former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is excluded, Romney’s share jumps to 30 percent.

“He’s got a commanding lead in the early going,” pollster Mark DiCamillo said. “Romney has the formula of both being well-known and being positively perceived.”

Though the former Massachusetts governor announced his formal candidacy only June 2, Romney has long been beating the bushes for support. He spent $107 million seeking the 2008 Republican nomination, including $8.4 million that he raised from California donors.

The Los Angeles region was the third-leading source of campaign donations for Romney’s 2008 campaign, behind the Boston and Salt Lake City areas, figures compiled by the Center for

Responsive Politics show.

“He’s just a well-known figure,” DiCamillo noted. “He has tremendous name (identification), and that converts to preferences.”

Romney is viewed favorably by 56 percent of California Republicans and unfavorably by only 25 percent.

Perhaps this polling is why Mayor Rudy Giuliani continues to flirt with getting into the race.

But, if Rudy does not, Mitt Romney looks like a winner in California although Michele Bachmann who is a late entrant and is not known near as much – 42% have no impression of her candidacy may play here; as may Texas Governor Rick Perry, if he decides to run.

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