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Flap’s Links and Comments for July 12th on 14:31

These are my links for July 12th from 14:31 to 14:33:

  • Republicans Introduce Plan, Go On Offensive – Senate Republicans mounted a bold offensive today against President Obama’s effort to force them to accept a tax hike as part of a bipartisan agreement to raise the debt limit.

    The Republican plan would, in effect, end the talks at the White House on a deal. Obama has deftly exploited the talks to portray Republicans as willing to risk a government default on its debts rather than accede to a tax increase of $1 trillion or more.

    To counter Obama, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell unveiled legislation requiring the president to submit a series of three requests – now, in the fall, and next summer – to increase the debt ceiling.

    Each request would have to include spending cuts in excess of the amount of the increase in the limit on borrowing. If Congress rejected the cuts as insufficient by passing a “resolution of disapproval,” the president could send a new package of cuts or veto the resolution. Should his veto be sustained – at least 34 senators would be needed – the debt limit would rise with no cuts attached.

    The idea behind the complicated plan is twofold. One, it would avert a tax increase. Two, it would, as a Senate aide said, “put all the onus [of raising the debt limit] on the president.” Assuming a bipartisan agreement is impossible – and the Republicans assume it is – “this is the only plan that would prevent a default.”


    A poor plan.

    Force the issue with Obama now and get real reforms or live under a de facto balanced budget in a few weeks.

  • Heritage Group: McConnell Plan Trades ‘Systemic Reforms’ for ‘Political Gains’ – "If Republicans in Congress believe they cannot strike a real deal with President Obama, they should begin making serious plans to live under the confines of a de facto balanced budget come August 2."

    For the life of me I don't understand why this isn't the preferred option. Balanced budget now. Pass legislation in the House zeroing out the Departments of Education, Commerce, and a few others. Government-wide hiring and pay freeze. Pay cuts. Budget cuts. Eliminate all affirmative action and global warming spending from all executive branch agencies. Pay the interest and active-duty military and cops and slash everything else.


    McConnell's plan is a non-starter for me.

    If there is no deal with Obama, that is reallyhis problem, now isn't it?