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Flap’s Links and Comments for July 14th on 10:37

These are my links for July 14th from 10:37 to 10:39:

  • Rasmussen Poll: ‘55% Oppose Tax Hike In Debt Ceiling Deal’ – The latest Rasmussen poll finds that "Just 34% think a tax hike should be included in any legislation to raise the debt ceiling. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 55% disagree and say it should not." In the debt ceiling debate, President Obama and the Democrats have insisted that raising taxes must be part of any deal to cut spending, while Republicans want only to cut spending.

    The report that accompanies the release of the poll notes a heavily partisan divide. "There is a huge partisan divide on the question," Rasmussen writes. "Fifty-eight percent (58%) of Democrats want a tax hike in the deal while 82% of Republicans do not."

    But among independents, who will be essential to winning the next presidential election, most disapprove of hiking taxes: "35% favor a tax hike and 51% are opposed."

  • President 2012: Romney Still Way Ahead in New Hampshire – A new American Research Group poll in New Hampshire finds Mitt Romney leading the GOP presidential field with the support of 29% of likely primary voters, followed by Michele Bachmann at 12%, Rudy Giuliani at 9%, Sarah Palin at 8% and Newt Gingrich at 7%.
  • The polling is right: Why PPP deserves props – Here's a look at how PPP has done; the numbers speak for themselves:

    *5/14: West Virginia GOV Primary (D)

    Final PPP Poll (5/11-5/12): Tomblin 33% Thompson 20% Tennant 17% Perdue 11% (13 points)

    Actual Outcome: Tomblin 40% Thompson 24% Tennant 17% Perdue 13% (16 points)

    *5/14: West Virginia GOV Primary (R)

    Final PPP Poll (5/11-5/12): Maloney 32% Ireland 31% (1 point)

    Actual Outcome: Maloney 45% Ireland 31% (14 points)

    *5/24: New York 26 Special

    Final PPP (5/21-5/22): Hochul 42% Corwin 36% (6 points)

    Actual Outcome: Hochul 47% Corwin 43% (4 points)

    *7/12 California 36 Special

    Final PPP (7/8-7/10): Hahn 52% Huey 44% (8 points)

    Actual Outcome: Hahn 54% Huey 45% (9 points) 


    I use their polls and ave found them reasoned and accurate. Just because they are Dems, doesn't necessarily mean they are massaging the data.

    Because if they do and they are off, they lose their credibility and are out of business.

    Candidates and pundits need accurate data, not spin.