Barack Obama,  Day By Day

Day By Day July 15, 2011 – Real Estate

Day By Day by Chris Muir

The whole idea of the President of the United States having to walk out of a debt ceiling meeting leaves everyone suspecting that their judgment of Obama is correct. He is an ego-centric, immature POL who will FLEE when the going gets tough. Remember when the McCain campaign nicknamed Obama “The One.”

Not a good character trait for someone who is the leader of the “free world.”

Now, a President who has not lead on deficit reducation and not produced a budget in the last two years, is giving the Congress and Republican Leaders a 36 hour deadline.

How quaint.

Obama has been AWOL and now expects immediate action – HIS WAY.

What will POTUS do next = leave for Europe and declare he won’t be back until the Republicans do THEIR job?


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