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President 2012 GOP Nevada Poll Watch: Perry 29% Vs. Romney 24% Vs. Cain 7% Vs. Paul 6% Vs. Bachmann 6%

According to the latest Magellan Strategies Poll.

Magellan Strategies today released the results of an autodial survey of 631 likely 2012 Nevada Republican Presidential caucus attendees.  The survey finds Rick Perry leading Mitt Romney by 5 points.  Among all voters, Rick Perry has 29% support and Mitt Romney has 24% support.  The rest of the Republican field rounds out with Herman Cain with 7%, Michele Bachmann with 6%,  Ron Paul with 6%, Newt Gingrich with 5%, Rick Santorum and Jon Huntsman with 1% each, the generic “other candidate” with 2%, and 19% are undecided.

There are 19 per cent undecided here and most pundits have already written off Nevada for Romney due to the large LDS/Mormon population in the state. But, now with surging poll numbers, will Rick Perry come to contest Nevada?

The media market in Clark County is ripe for a media war and unemployment is the highest in the nation.

Perry looks like a player in Nevada. But, will he play against Romney?

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