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President 2012: Chris Christie Coming Into the Race?

Jen Rubin hopes and in a way, so do I.

Republicans are now confessing openly: The current field is weak, and Texas Gov. Rick Perry leaves them with substantial doubts. This conversation from the “Panel Plus” discussion of “Fox News Sunday” is illuminating…..

There are several factors at play here.

First, Perry has not yet coaxed the big donors off the sidelines.There is plenty of money for Christie to scoop up.

Second, none of the candidates in the field has been able to put together all factions of the party. As Evan Bayh noted on Fox, Christie is someone who embodies the Tea Party spirit (feisty, anti-D.C. establishment) but is more than sophisticated enough to satisfy mainstream conservatives, business leaders and policy wonks.

From what I gather, most Republicans will accept Rick Perry over Mitt Romney, but are really looking for somebody else. A team of Chris Christie and Paul Ryan would be awesomeness for grass roots and establishment Republicans.

If not, then the fight (and it will be a media battle royale) will be in the GOP primary elections/caucuses on whether to go “do no harm” with Romney (a safe candidate) or “go long” with Rick Perry (grass roots conservative who shoots from the hip).

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels maintains there is room for another candidate in the race. I don’t think he means Sarah Palin.