Chris Christie,  President 2012

President 2012: Chris Christie Ads ARE Running in New York, Philadelphia and New Jersey

Committee for Our Children’s Future (CCF) ad

With New Jersey Governor Chris Christie speaking this evening at the Reagan Presidential Library here in California, there are and have been television ads supporting Christie’s record on air.

Backers of Gov. Chris Christie today launched a $1.5 million-dollar television campaign to promote the Republican governor’s policies.

The Bernardsville-based Committee for Our Children’s Future (CCF), a self-proclaimed independent 501(c)(4) organization, is airing the ad on New York and Philadelphia broadcast and New Jersey statewide cable stations.

“Washington is moving in the wrong direction. From runaway spending and record debt to gridlock, our federal government is not working. Meanwhile, in New Jersey things are moving in the right direction — two balanced budgets, a billion dollars in wasteful spending cut and millions of dollars in new education funding,” said Brian Jones, spokesperson, Committee for Our Children’s Future.

“New Jersey should serve as a national model for government leaders across the country. It’s time for a better economic future for taxpayers, working families, and our children. We must protect our children’s future and keep the New Jersey reform movement going.”

The ad launch roughly coincided with Christie’s education reform kickoff this month in time for campaign season.

At his press conference today, Christie said he is not personally responsible for the group’s efforts but welcomed their support.

Christie has quite a decision to make and he must make it soon.

Maybe there will some hint or direction at the presser after his speech at the Reagan Library?


  • IndiePhil

    Chris Christie is an inspiration to me.  He has inspired me to get into better physical condition, eating better and getting more exercise.  Pushing fifty years of age, Christie is morbidly obese and pretty lazy regarding his own physical condition, the guy can’t even walk from a helicopter to the bleachers 100 yards away. I am approximately the same age as Christie and no way I want to face all the health problems he is facing due to his obesity.  Especially with politicians like Christie making it harder to get health care, there will be a lot more sick people walking around in our society, sick people breed illness and disease so it will be more likely for others to get sick as these people pass on their illnesses to the rest of us so we need to take care of our own immune systems.

    • Gregory Flap Cole

      I don’t really think Chris Christie’s obesity will have any affect on his ability to assume the Presidency. and, no more so than a President who smokes, lies about it and covers it up because he doesn’t have the will power to quit.