Methamphetamine Making Chemicals Seized at Los Angeles International Airport

Methamorphosis as a result of chronic Methamphetamine abuse

No, it was NOT ephedrine or pseudoephedrine but other chemicals.

Federal agents have seized a 1 1/2-ton shipment of methamphetamine-making chemicals at Los Angeles International Airport.

Customs and Border Protection spokesman Jaime Ruiz said Thursday that 40 drums of methylamine hydrochloride and two barrels of ethyl phenyl acetate shipped from China were intercepted at the airport on Sept. 29.

The chemicals are used to make methamphetamine and the party drug Ecstasy.

The shipment, described as one of the largest meth precursor seizures at the airport, was destined for a company in Illinois. There are no further details.

Ruiz says special permission is needed to import the controlled substances.

There are no arrests.

On Aug. 12, federal agents at the airport seized a quarter-ton of methylamine hydrochloride in eight drums that was being shipped from China to a company in central Mexico.

Although Meth use has declined recently, there is ongoing pressure to manufacture this highly addictive and very ruinous drug.

Congrats to the DEA for their intelligence and execution of the seizure.

Now, as to that company in illinois…….