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American Crossroads Channels Bill Clinton in Ads Against President Obama

American Crossroads: “Don’t”

The ads are running in the key battleground states of Pennsylvania and Florida.

From the press release:

American Crossroads today announced it is releasing a TV ad in Pennsylvania and Florida as part of a continuing campaign to aggressively counter President Obama’s efforts to sell his second stimulus plan at state and local events.

American Crossroads released its ad, “Don’t”, last night in the Pittsburgh and Orlando designated market areas, to provide a message to counter the president as he visits there on Tuesday. The ad, which features former President Bill Clinton decrying new tax increases in his own words, went up in Orlando and Pittsburgh on Monday night, and will run Monday night, all day Tuesday and Wednesday on local network stations and cable news. The $70k total buy is the second local bracketing effort by Crossroads in the paid media since Obama launched his campaign for his second round of stimulus.

Interesting how the President is traveling to key battleground states which he needs to win in the Electoral College to deliver his “JOBS” message. Maybe Obama should remain in Washington to convince Democrat members of the Senate to pass his legislative program.

In any case, Obama can campaign all he wants, but this plan is DEAD in the GOP controlled House. But, of course, Obama knew this before he proposed it – he simply wanted a foil upon which to run for re-election = a Do-Nothing Congress.