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President 2012 Poll Watch: Newt Gingrich Now Leading in Positive Intensity

According to the latest Gallup Poll.

Newt Gingrich now leads all of his Republican presidential rivals in garnering positive image ratings from Republicans and Republican leaners nationwide — marking a first for 2011. His +20 Positive Intensity Score gives Gingrich a sizable lead over Herman Cain, in second with +14, and Mitt Romney, in third with +11.

There is little doubt that Newt Gingrich has catapulted into the lead in many polls. As Herman Cain has fallen, Gingrich has risen.

Here is the trend:

There is a GOP Presidential debate tonight at 8 PM EST which will be televised on CNN. Newt’s rise has in part been attributed to his performance in the debates. Let’s see how he does now and how big of a target he becomes with his rise in the polls.

Gingrich now represents an entirely different kind candidate — one who can fully recover after almost completely collapsing halfway through the race. Gingrich still has a way to go to convert the warm feelings Republicans have for him into active support for the nomination. As he works on that, he serves as a reminder that it may be premature to write off any of the Republican hopefuls whose positive intensity ratings have faded in recent months, including Perry, Paul, Bachmann, and Cain.

Perhaps, but it is late in the game and the Iowa Caucuses loom in about 6 weeks.

Newt Gingrich has perhaps peaked at the right time.