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The Afternoon Flap: November 23, 2011

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These are my links for November 22nd through November 23rd:

  • The Gingrich Amnesty – By Mark Krikorian – Missed the debate because of wrestling practice, but it’s hardly surprising that Newt would support amnesty for illegal aliens. After the Pelosi global-warming ad and Dede Scozzafava and “right-wing social engineering,” is it any surprise he’d adopt the left’s line on immigration too? He earned a career grade of D from Numbers USA (they calculate back to 1989). Heck, even Barbara Boxer has a career grade of D+.

    But a couple more points are in order. First, there just aren’t very many illegal aliens who have been here 25 years, the duration Gingrich specified as warranting amnesty. The old INS estimated that there were about 5 million illegal aliens in 1996, and the growth rate had been about 300,000 a year, which means that 10 years earlier (i.e., 25 years ago), there would have been about 2 million illegal aliens. Of those, I would guess the majority have in the intervening quarter-century either gone home, died, or finagled a green card (at least one-quarter of each year’s green-card recipients — new “legal” immigrants — are illegal aliens using the federal immigration program to launder their status). So that’s fewer than 1 million people out of the current 11 million illegals who would be covered by the Gingrich Amnesty, and probably fewer than half a million.

    But wait — 25 years ago. Hmmmmm. That rings a bell. Did something happen back in 1986 with regard to immigration? Oh, yeah, I remember — Congress passed the one and only amnesty for illegal immigrants, the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), that legalized close to 3 million illegals (there had been about 5 million, so about 2 million remained after the amnesty, because they didn’t meet the law’s requirements). That was supposed to be followed by tough enforcement to prevent future illegal immigration and to throw out the resident illegals who didn’t qualify for the amnesty (or who failed to lie their way to a green card, since a large share of those successfully claiming amnesty, perhaps as many as one-quarter, did so fraudulently — among the liars was Mahmud “The Red” Abouhalima, a leader of the first World Trade Center attack).

    So the Gingrich Amnesty would cover illegal immigrants here when Congress passed IRCA. That is to say, it would pick up where the previous amnesty left off, legalizing precisely those people who didn’t qualify for IRCA. This just underlines what a chump you have to be to support any deal offered you by amnesty supporters.

  • GOP Smackdown: Gingrich v. Romney – Whether the matchup between Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney is the final bout on the GOP primary card is impossible to know. The whole season has been more like professional wrestling than boxing, with weird characters sporting implausible hair appearing out of nowhere to talk smack and explain why they are the greatest in the world. (I’m looking at you in particular, Mr. Trump.)

    Still, let’s assume for the moment that it’s a Gingrich-Romney contest.

    It’s quite a matchup. Romney has been brutalized for having too little personality, Gingrich for having way, way too much. Romney looks like the picture that comes with the frame. Gingrich looks like he should be ensconced in royal velvet as he gestures at you with a half-eaten turkey leg in one hand and a sloshing goblet of wine in the other. Romney seems terrified of fully committing to any idea. Gingrich speaks as if he just text-messaged with God.

  • Coffee Linked to Lower Endometrial Cancer Risk – Drinking at least 4 cups of coffee per day is associated with a lower risk for endometrial cancer, according to new data from the Nurses’ Health Study.

    Youjin Je, a doctoral candidate in the lab of Edward Giovannucci, MD, ScD, from the Department of Nutrition and Epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, Massachusetts, and colleagues published their findings online November 22 in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention.

    “Coffee consumption may be related to endometrial cancer development due to the potential role of caffeine,” Dr. Giovannucci and colleagues write. “Several epidemiologic studies have reported an inverse association between coffee intake and endometrial cancer risk, but data from prospective studies are limited.”

    Therefore, the researchers prospectively examined the link between drinking coffee and endometrial cancer risk, using prospective data from the Nurses’ Health Study.

    The analysis included data from 67,470 women aged 34 to 59 years in 1980. Cumulative average coffee intake was determined by questionnaire. During 26 years of follow-up, researchers documented 672 cases of endometrial cancer.

  • Acetaminophen: Repeated Use of Slightly Too Much Can Be Fatal – Repeated doses of slightly too much acetaminophen (known as paracetamol in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe) can be fatal, according to the results of a large, single-center cohort study published online November 22 in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology.

    “On admission, these staggered overdose patients were more likely to have liver and brain problems, require kidney dialysis or help with breathing and were at a greater risk of dying than people who had taken single overdoses,” senior author Kenneth J. Simpson, MBChB (Hons), MD, FRCP (Edin), from the University of Edinburgh and Scottish Liver Transplant Unit in the United Kingdom, said in a news release.

    “They haven’t taken the sort of single-moment, one-off massive overdoses taken by people who try to commit suicide, but over time the damage builds up, and the effect can be fatal,” he adds.

    In the United Kingdom, acetaminophen hepatotoxicity is the leading cause of acute liver failure (ALF). However, the effect of a staggered overdose pattern or delayed hospital presentation on mortality or need for emergency liver transplantation was previously unknown.

  • Romney’s Mormon Faith Likely a Factor in Primaries, Not in a General Election – Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life – Many Americans continue to see the Mormon faith as unfamiliar and different. Half say they know little or nothing about Mormonism, half say it is a Christian religion while a third say it is not, and roughly two-thirds believe Mormonism is “very different” from their own beliefs. There has been virtually no change in these impressions over the past four years.

    About half of all voters, and 60% of evangelical Republicans, know that Mitt Romney is a Mormon. The former Massachusetts governor’s religion has implications for his nomination run but not for the general election, should he be nominated as his party’s standard bearer.

    White evangelical Protestants – a key element of the GOP electoral base – are more inclined than the public as a whole to view Mormonism as a non-Christian faith. And this view is linked to opinions about Romney: Republicans who say Mormonism is not a Christian religion are less likely to support Romney for the GOP nomination and offer a less favorable assessment of him generally. But they seem prepared to overwhelmingly back him in a run against Obama in the general election.

  • President 2012: Senator Thune Endorses Mitt Romney – Senator John Thune of South Dakota endorsed Mitt Romney’s bid for the Republican presidential nomination on Wednesday, making him the second conservative United States senator to declare support for Mr. Romney’s candidacy this week.

    Mr. Thune, who in February decided against running for president himself, made the announcement during a morning campaign stop in downtown Des Moines with Mr. Romney. The endorsement comes as Mr. Romney is intensifying his effort to compete in the Iowa caucuses, now less than six weeks away.

    “I’m so lucky he didn’t run,” Mr. Romney said, noting that more than a year ago his advisers warned that Mr. Thune could be one of the toughest potential Republican rivals. Mr. Thune was among the first in a long line of Republicans who decided against jumping into the 2012 presidential race.

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  • Fallon apologizes to Bachmann – CNN Political Ticker – Blogs – TV show host Jimmy Fallon apologized to GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann via Twitter Tuesday
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  • Writers strike out not choosing Matt Kemp as MVP – – Baseball Writers strike out not choosing Matt Kemp as MVP
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Day By Day

Day By Day November 23, 2011 – Glorious

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Day By Day by Chris

Yes, Chris, going all LOVEY DOVEY and anti-gun is really going to help America, particularly on the world stage. Look at the latest.
Russia will deploy new missiles aimed at U.S. missile defense sites in Europe if Washington goes ahead with the planned shield despite Russia’s concerns, President Dmitry Medvedev said Wednesday.

Russia will station missiles in its westernmost Kaliningrad region and other areas if Russia and NATO fail to reach a deal on the U.S.-led missile defense plans, he said in a tough statement that seemed to be aimed at rallying domestic support.

Weakness in an American President (like Obama is) has NEVER been a good thing for world peace.


@Flap Twitter Updates for 2011-11-23

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  • RT @Kelly_Evans: RT @ModeledBehavior: Intrade suggests Huntsman and Gingrich gaining in this debate, somewhat at Romney's expense #tcot #
  • Good answer by Romney regarding Israel and Ron Paul is fuming…. #
  • Good response by Professor Gingrich – he rises above Huntsman v. Romney and looks tough on Pakistan #
  • In the meantime, Romney is looking cool, calm and collected in the Huntsman exchange….. #
  • Huntsman reminds me at the blathering rich guy at the Country Club that everyone avoids ….and for good reason #
  • Ah Yeah…..RT @fivethirtyeight: Not a good sign when you get pwned on national security by Michele Bachmann. #
  • Bachmann sgowed up Perry on the Pakistan blank check comment…. CW of Perry not being particularly deep in intellect is telling #
  • Bachmann calls Perry naive and is getting the better of the Texas governor #
  • Rick Perry is developing the sweating upper Nixonian lip. He needs to do well here and well, he is not. #tcot #
  • OK, here we go Tweeps the President 2012 GOP CNN Foreign Policy debate…… #tcot #cnndebate #
  • New Major League Baseball Contract Limits Smokeless Tobacco Use | Smiles For A Lifetime – Temporary (Locum Tenen… #
  • New Major League Baseball Contract Limits Smokeless Tobacco Use #
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  • The Afternoon Flap: November 22, 2011 #tcot #catcot #
  • 10,000 Expected To Line Up For Free Turkey Dinners In South Los Angeles #
  • Blago ally Tony Rezko gets 10 1/2 years, minus time served #
  • Obama heckled by protesters at New Hampshire speech – The Hill's Blog Briefing Room #
  • California Dental Association Sues the California Department of Healthcare Services Over Medicaid Payments to Dentists #
  • The Morning Drill: November 22, 2011 #
  • Who’s More Likely to Beat Obama? #
  • Dropbox
    – You're invited to join Dropbox!
    – Simplify your life #
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  • President 2012 Poll Watch: Newt Gingrich Now Leading in Positive Intensity #tcot #catcot #
  • Money for nothing…..RT @CapitolAlert: Rick Perry to raise money at private fundraiser in Sacramento #
  • Love it! Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. 2GB account is free! #
  • Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. 2GB account is free! #
  • President 2012 GOP Poll Watch: Gingrich 26% Vs. Romney 22% Vs. Cain 14% Vs. Paul 6% Vs. Perry 6% #tcot #catcot #
  • Doctors amputate frostbitten feet of Alaska runner #
  • Occupy L.A. receives offer to decamp #
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  • Gingrich seeks to show staying power #
  • Mike Huckabee says conservatives may have to get behind Romney #
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  • Hey Occupy UCLA – USC is going to OWN you in the LA Coliseum this Saturday. So, why Occupy? #OWS #
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  • @Flap Twitter Updates for 2011-11-22 #tcot #catcot #
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