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CA-26: California State Senator Tony Strickland Announces His Congressional Candidacy

Tony Strickland and his family, including former California Assemblywoman Audra Strickland

California State Senator Tony Strickland is in the race for CA-26.

From the press release:

Surrounded by family and supporters, State Senator Tony Strickland today announced his campaign for Congress in an event at the Commemorative Air Force Aviation Museum.

“I remember the most important lesson my father taught me: that it’s the duty for every generation to leave their community in a better place than they found it,” said Strickland. “And that’s why I’m asking to become your next Congressman.

I expect the campaign ahead to be spirited but I’m committed to uniting our community; Republicans, Democrats, and Independents behind policies that create jobs and economic opportunity for those struggling to make ends meet.”

Strickland also stressed the importance of maintaining a strong national defense and developing alternative energy sources.

“Send me to Congress, and I’ll stand up to those who want to weaken our military and threaten our defense related jobs,” he continued.

“Dependence on foreign energy sources makes our energy prices vulnerable and too reliant on unstable and sometimes hostile foreign regimes. We can no longer afford to fund both sides of a war. Energy independence is truly a national security issue,” he added.

Strickland announced at the Aviation Museum at the Camarillo Airport before a group of 100 or so supporters and Ventura County political activists. He joins previously announced candidates, Ventura County Supervisors Steve Bennett and Linda Parks, Oxnard Harbor District Commissioner Jess Herrera, Moorpark City Councilman David Pollock, retired longshoreman Zeke Ruelas of Oxnard and businessman David Cruz Thayne of Westlake Village.

The seat is being vacated by long-time incumbent Congressman Elton Gallegly who has announced his retirement.

I will have video of the announcement later in the afternoon.