Richard Lugar,  Richard Mourdock

IN-Sen: Richard Mourdock Attacks Sen Richard Lugar for Support of Teapot Museum


Richard Mourdock talks about the differences between himself and Senator Lugar on the issue of Earmarks.

Here is the text of the ad:

Richard Mourdock: Every Year, Congress finds new ways to spend our money… and Sadly, Senator Lugar went along with it: voting for the Bridge to Nowhere, a rainforest in Iowa, even a teapot museum. When Senator Lugar recently had the chance to stop wasteful earmarks, he voted no. We’re fifteen trillion in debt and it has to stop. I’m Richard Mourdock and I approve this message because Dick Lugar won’t vote to end wasteful spending and earmarks. I will.

Indiana deserves a conservative U.S. Senator who actually lives in Indiana.

Richard Lugar has served his state and country for decades, but it is time for him to go.