Charles Manson

Charles Manson Murderabilia – The Business and Backlash

To think that these folks correspond with these despicable criminals.

Some might find it shocking, others despicable and insensitive. Sometimes it’s called true crime memorabilia or murderabilia, artifacts from some of the most vicious crimes ever committed. And you may be surprised or even disgusted by what’s for sale.

Many of us are guilty of finding something fascinating about true crime stories. But would you collect the finger nail clippings of a serial killer? You can find anything from death art work to prison issued clothing on murderabilia web sites. Who sells this material? How is it gathered? And why is a Houston victim’s rights advocate trying to stop murder for sale.

There are items like a self portrait of Charles Manson, a painting by Richard Ramirez, serial killer wall calendars, a letter from Atlanta child murderer Wayne Williams, serial killer wall clocks, a letter from Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, serial killer snow globes and a letter from Charles Manson.

All of these items have something in common, they all commemorate infamous murders. And they’re all for sale. Andy Kahan says, “Crime victims are the only unwilling participants in the criminal justice system.”

Kahan works for the city of Houston as a victim’s rights advocate. He says, “There’s absolutely nothing more nauseating and disgusting than to find out the person who murdered one of your loved ones now has items being hawked by third parties for pure profit.”

Pretty despicable stuff.

But, there are first amendment issues, which I think will be hard to overcome.