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Video: Charles Manson Up for Parole – Bugliosi Says He Should Stay Behind Bars

I don’t think a California parole board is going to release Charles Manson.

When a two-member panel holds a California parole hearing for notorious murderer Charles Manson on Wednesday, he will be represented by state-appointed attorney DeJon R. Lewis, who will urge the state to put Manson in a mental hospital, Lewis told CNN.

Manson, 77, and Lewis, 45, who was a small boy at the time of the “Manson family” killings in 1969, haven’t yet met. In fact, it is unclear whether Manson will attend the parole hearing, his attorney said.

“He didn’t come to my interview either, so I have never met him,” Lewis said in an exclusive interview with CNN. “I went to go interview him last month. I asked the correction officers was he coming out of his cell, and they said nope. And I said OK, who’s the next inmate?”

Former prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi, who co-authored “Helter Skelter” and prosecuted Manson and members of his “family,” said he believed Manson won’t be paroled.

“Look at his two co-defendants right now who are still alive,” he said of Patricia Krenwinkel and Leslie Van Houten, who are still imprisoned on life sentences. “He orchestrated and was behind all the murders.

“It’s preposterous on its face. Basically, it’s a nonissue and not going to happen,” Bugliosi said of the possibility of parole. “Manson knows this. He frequently hasn’t showed up at parole hearings.”

No hospital for Manson – just let him rot there. He deserves nothing better.

The video report:

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  • Kida6868

    I think Bugliosi is an idiot talking head,along with the jury that convicted him-This is my reason why:1) He didn’t actually commit murder. 2) He should have been admitted to a mental institution not prison.3)Yes he is a sick deranged person-but that doesnt make him a murderer-If that were the case most polititions would be in prison for that (ie G.W Bush) How can you argue with that?
    I rest my case.