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Video: President 2012: Who Will Be Mitt Romney’s Vice President?

Larry Sabato’s Crystall Ball: Romney’s Perfect Vice President

You can watch Sobato’s video above or read his prognostications here.

But, I would be very surprised if Romney does not choose New Jersey Governor Chris Christie or Florida United States Senator Marco Rubio. Mitt would actually have a chance to win with either of these two articulate and LEFT battle hardened POLS.

One other I would mention would be Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels.

Forget the rest, as a team with Romney would make it more difficult for the GOP to win.

And, guess what?

Chris Christie has expressed some interest.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) told ABC News he’s “not looking to become vice president” but left the door open to a conversation about it with Mitt Romney.

Said Christie: “But I also think it is extraordinarily arrogant for you to say you won’t even listen to the nominee of your party — especially for me. It’s someone who I’ve been supporting since last October vigorously around the country — that I wouldn’t take a call from Mitt Romney.”