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Poll: California Proposition 37 Now a Loser

No on 37 radio ad California Proposition 37   The Food Labeling Initiative is Promoted By JUNK Science?

Support for California Proposition 37 has cratered and the latest California Business Roundtable poll documents this voter sentiment.

Backing for Proposition 37, the genetically engineered food labeling initiative, is falling, fast.

A new poll by the California Business Roundtable and the Pepperdine University School of Public Policy showed 39.1% of likely voters support the measure, while 50.5% oppose the labeling requirement. Undecided voters represented 10.5% of respondents.

The results released Tuesday show a a drop in support of nine percentage points since a similar survey just over two weeks ago.

“It seems voters have been influenced by both the No campaign and a barrage of negative editorials” in newspapers around the state, said Chris Condon of M4 Strategies, which conducted the poll of all 11 initiatives on the Nov. 6 ballot.

The Internet-based poll of 2,115 likely Califonria general election voters was conducted from Oct. 21 to Oct. 28 and had a margin of error of 3%.

The Roundtable-Pepperdine poll as well as a USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll out Thursday indicate that a barrage of critical ads by opponents of Proposition 37 have eroded the measure’s once-commanding, more than 2-to-1 lead.

The USC Dornsife/L.A. Times poll had the Yes side ahead  with 44% compared to 42% for No.

Yes, there has been a goodly amount of advertising on this measure. But, voters have finally been educated as to how nefariously unnecessary this initiative is. Plus, all of the major California newspapers saying NO has lent much authority to the No argument.

Let’s hope the trend continues.

Vote NO on California Proposition 37.

12 thoughts on “Poll: California Proposition 37 Now a Loser

  1. it is every person’s right to be able to know what they’re buying and that is initiative does. GMOs have little testing and the longer testing that has been done shows high rates of cancer and organ failure as well as reproductive problems. product change their labels all the time and this initiative gives them a year and a half to comply. All the false ads are lies that I’ve been put out by Monsanto and Dow, because they know they would lose and lose big when it passes

      1. Show me some facts to back up that that they ARE safe, don’t destroy the land due to high pesticide/herbicide use, and don’t make foods nutritionally void. Among other evils of GMOs…

  2. I hope California can see past the No on 37’s false message. Some people will believe anything they see on TV. MONSANTO WANTS TO OWN YOUR BODY! Do a search for Monsanto to find out why they want you to eat whatever they make in their labs! yOU ARE ALL GUINEA PIGS.

  3. Yes on 37 ! It is very easy to see why European Countries are banning modified crops. In the very near future everyone will know that current GE (specifically bt) is a failed and reckless experiment, in the meantime consumers do have a right to know that GMO packaged foods are NOT ‘natural’. Monsanto and other purveyors of toxins and poisons must be scrutinized more closely.

      1. Hi Flap,

        The ‘authority’ of the newspapers is money rather than science. In reading the endorsements at several of the newspapers, it is clear that these endorsements were paid for. Newspapers are quite desperate to increase revenues apparently.

        The purveyors of toxins and poisons such as Cargil, Bayer, Dupont, and Monsanto are distracting voters away from the real issue. It is not about Lawyers or increased food costs.

        People have a right to know that packaged food labelled ‘natural’ increasingly appears to be damaging.

        GMOs alter DNA, Monsanto claims that GMO’s are destroyed in the stomach and do not transfer to humans. This bt toxin is found in 90% of people ingesting GMO corn.

        Here is the link for the study showing results.

        Here’s more science that the poison and toxin purveyors would rather that the public didn’t know about.

        The ‘junk science’ is coming from the bio tech industry. If one of their researchers state that there are concerns with the technology, they lose their job. You didn’t know any of this Fap?

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